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Rand McNally MileMaker

Rand McNally is one of the leading and most prominent American-based technology and publishing companies. It provides worldwide users with a wide range of products related to mapping, software, and hardware for consumer electronics as well as for commercial transportation and education markets. Rand McNally has been transforming commercial and personal traveling with its innovative and revolutionary mobility technology. It is known for its GPS based applications “Rand Mcnally Dock” and devices that help the users reach their destination in a hassle-free manner. Rand McNally MileMaker is one of the most revolutionary products offered by Rand McNally. It has been used by most of the leading and top motor carriers and agencies. It provides the users with the practical routing used in an end number of calculations every day. It comes with a variety of features and tools that help users in day-to-day activities. 

Features of Rand McNaMileMaker

Rand McNally MileMaker provides the user with several unique and advanced features. Therefore, in this section, we have given the most outstanding tools of this software:-

Routing and Mileage Tools

  • It comprises accurate and truck-specific point-to-point routing and mileages for Mexico, the US, and Canada. 
  • The Commercial Vehicle Highway Routing database is available for both trailer lengths, i.e., 53’ and 48’.
  • Hazardous Material routing is also available. Therefore, users can find the legal and safest routing for any shipping of hazardous materials. 
  • The Trailer Configurations are helpful in determining the legal and physical restrictions on the road. Rand McNally Mile Maker considers such factors while calculating the mileage based on customized routes. 

Efficient Routing and Logistics Management

  • The Rand McNally Mile Maker offers the optimized multi-point routing. It helps the users determine the shortest and fastest route across multiple-stops. 
  • It also provides users with the estimated time of arrival. 
  • The users can also analyze their shipping lanes by calculating the mileages from one point to several destinations by the Hub routing feature. 
  • Its industry-standard HHG and Practical routing determine the shortest and fastest route for the users. 

Business Tools and Integrations

  • This Mile Maker has many features in one –package. It includes batch processing, spreadsheets, basic HazMat, and free data updates. 
  • The Microsoft Excel Integration feature allows the users to use the customized Excel formulas to query mileages. 
  • The Batch Processing feature of Rand McNally Mile Maker processes thousands of routes simultaneously. 
  • Its robust APIs are helpful in easy integration into transportation and logistics management systems. 


In this blog, we included the essential details about the Rand McNally MileMaker. It is a complete GPS software that allows the users to have a completely straightforward and hassle-free driving experience. In this write-up, we discussed its most excellent and useful features. Therefore, we hope that after going through this blog, the users can have in-depth knowledge about the Rand McNally

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