How to Perform the Rand McNally Lifetime Maps Update?

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How to Perform the Rand McNally Lifetime Map Update?

Rand McNally Maps Program is a user-friendly feature for the benefit of its global users. This feature ensures that users always have up-to-date maps on their GPS Device with a single purchase. In other words, you pay only once for enrolling in this program. With this, you are eligible to get annual updates for Maps on your cutting-edge GPS Device. As such, if you enroll for this best-in-class feature. Then, you will have to perform a quick process of Rand McNally Lifetime Map Update annually. 

Rand McNally Lifetime Maps Update

Rand McNally Lifetime Map Update is an essential process that requires your GPS Device and a Computer. In addition to that, you must have a stable, high-speed Internet Connection. Besides that, ensure that you have already Installed Rand McNally Dock on your Computer. Along with that, make sure that your GPS Device is properly Registered. Apart from that, your System must have sufficient Disk Space. Moreover, it is essential that your GPS Device must be fully charged. Also, turn it On. This is important because Dock will not recognize any GPS Device if:

  • It is not Registered.
  • Device is switched off.
  • It is not enrolled for the Lifetime Map. 

The Update Process

  1. Hook up your Computer to a stable Internet Connection. 
  2. Now, use a USB Cable to connect the GPS Gadget to your Computer. 
  3. With this, your gadget’s Display Screen will show a “Connected” status. 
  4. Additionally, it will launch the pre-installed Rand McNally Dock on your System.
  5. When you get the “Home” page of this Application, look for the Available Updates icon. In other words, locate the icon with a “Diagonal Arrow”. If this icon is Green in colour and Highlighted. Then, it means that the Updates are available for Installation. However, a Grey coloured icon means that the Updates are not available. Hence, click on it if the Updates are available. 
  6. As a result, the following window will provide details about the available Map Updates for the connected GPS Device. 
  7. Now, locate and select the available Rand McNally Lifetime Map Update. 
  8. Once again, you will get a highlighted Green coloured icon that says “Begin Download”. Hence, click on it.
  9. As a result, it will begin downloading the available Map Update.
  10. The downloading time will vary depending on the size of the available updates and the Internet Speed. As such, wait for it.
  11. Besides, you can track the progress of the downloading process by means of a real-time Status Bar.
  12. You will have to wait for a Confirmation Message to proceed for the Installation process.
  13. Following that, you will get another highlighted Green coloured icon with an Arrow Sign. This icon will say “Transfer”. Hence, click on it. 
  14. This will start the transfer of downloaded Rand McNally Lifetime Map Update to your state-of-the-art GPS Gadget. 
  15. Thereafter, wait for the completion of the Installation process. 
  16. After that, you will get a Notification. 
  17. Finally, return back to the Home window of the Dock by clicking on the “Back” tab. 
  18. When prompted, disconnect the GPS Device.

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